BEAUTY : Bloggers Brawl, Day Two : Brow Product

Hello Guys,

Welcome to Day Two of the Beauty Brawl!

Today we are reviewing Brow Products.

So here is how I scored it: 

I went for Maybeline New York's Master shape Brow Pencil in Deep Brown. 

You can't really tell from the Top Trump card but there is a crayon on one side and a brow brush on the other side. 

I don't have the thickest brows, but I still enjoyed styling them with the little brush (Its a wire one that doesn't hurt in fact it does the job quite nicely) 

On the side of the packaging it even has a little diagram, a little how to, on how to fill in your brows. 

I had a go and I didn't really think that it suited me to be honest. 

I'm kinda of fan of not too big and not too small, so when I filled them in I felt like it was too much. 

Therefore I didn't take a picture haha. 

But it did give me a chance to follow the instructions and to try the product out. 

The crayon was gentle on my skin, but I did feel as though I had to put a fair bit on to get a result. 

Despite the fact that I went for the darker shade. 

My eyebrows are fairly light and yeah the crayon was basically blunt but the time I was done. 

Its not a product that I would buy again to be honest. I'm not sure if its the shade or the amount I had to use that put me off. 

I will happily keep the little brow brush though :) I've found a little friend to keep my brows under control haha. 

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Unknown said…
I'm not sure I'd like a pencil, I don't have many brow products. I think I find it easier with a powder, although you don't know until you try

Tasha x

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