BEAUTY: My Evening Skin Routine

Hello everybody, 

So the Blog recently turned two years old (yes I know, I know) and the most popular post that I have written to date is one about my Skin Care Routine 

And I recently looked back at it... I was struck by how I literally use none of those products anymore... so I figured that it was time for an update. 

I've gone for my evening routine as I am usually too lazy to do it in the morning. 

DISCLAIMER : My skin is drier than the desert and really sensitive so some of it might seem overkill

So Step one - I remove my Makeup with a Makeup wipe (Haven't featured as ran out booooo) - I usually use the tea tree oil ones from Superdrug. 

Step two - Apply the 9-5 cleansing lotion from Lush and wash face.  I find this stage really calms my face and removes whatever the wipe forgot. 

Step Three - I use Simple's Foaming Cleanser - Two cleansers I hear you shout? Yes. One is liquid and one is a foam. The foam leaves the face tingling and feeling as though its nice and fresh 

Step four - apply a stupid amount of body butter (The one picked is Cherry and Macadamia Nut from Superdrug) all over body. Normally after a shower. 

Step Five - Apply Soap and Glory's Heel Genius to feet and massage in a bit. My feet are the driest part of my body so they need all the help they can get. Plus the small of this is amazing sooooo 

Step six - Apply Hand cream to dry hands. The one pictured is from Marks and Spencer's (Royal Jelly) ... and massage in as this is the second driest part of ones body. 

Finally - apply Lipbalm - the one pictured is by The Happy Naturals (Argan Oil and Mandarin) . 

Finish and feel as though you are so slippery and clean, you are basically a dolphin.

So all in all that takes like 10 -15 mins and my skin feels so smooth in the morning, ready for the day ahead and ready for makeup! 

Thanks for reading 



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