Fashion : A New Bag and Harrods Purchases!

Hello everyone!

I rarely do Haul posts anymore which is a shame as I used to love showing you things that I was genuinely excited for. 

I'm hoping to change that...

With a tiny fashion accessory haul! 

This first piece is the handiest little bag think I've ever owned. 

Luke bought it for me from Corfu as my handbag was always giving me a dead arm.... I'm inseparable without it. 

Its a simple backpack, that seems to accommodate everything I want to shove in there. 

Similar to Hermonie's bag in Harry Potter. 

I stretched it to the limit in London recently. 

I have noticed that bags like these are in fashion and I am hoping to pick up a slightly less colourful one for work times. 

Speaking of work, when I popped into Harrods, I went to the Cath Kidston section and I picked up a new lanyard for my work card. 

The one I wear at the moment is a Children in Need one (A charity in England) but sadly as I wear it everyday, its started to break. 

I am a huge fan of this British Brand so I love that I found something to brighten up my days at work. 

And finally, I gave in and bought a new purse.

 Its also from Harrods and its one of their own collection. Its Black with little Drawings of London on it. (Click on the image to get a better view) 

My favourite drawing is the London Eye with the Love Heart in the middle. 

I think that with everything that is happening around the country, its an important little message to share. 

So thats it for now, I'm sure that I'll be sharing more Fashion and more Haul posts in the future. 

Thanks for Reading! 



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