GAMING : A Different Monthly Direction

Hi Guys, 

So I thought that I would write a little post to talk about whats on my mind. 

As you know, I am a massive gamer.... I am generally happiest when I am snuggled in bed, its raining outside and I'm chilling on the Playstation or on the Xbox.  

Especially with a nice cup of tea and some random Reality show playing on the Macbook. 

But because I have way too many games that I haven't touched yet (including Games with Gold and Playstation free games),  I decided to include gaming goals in my monthly goals. 

I have been doing this since August last year and at first I was keeping up and really enjoying it. 

However as my life is getting busier, with work, daily blogging and University.... I can't keep up and its my own fault for being way too ambitious.  

It leads to a massive downer in my head and that sucks because I game to help with my anxiety and depression as a way to switch off. 

The feeling gets worse as I want to film everything for the Gaming Channel as lets plays or playthroughs. 

Therefore I'm going to stop doing gaming goals. I'll still do the lifestyle ones as I really enjoy them. 

I'm still gonna have little mini goals, but I'm gonna keep them to myself for now.

 I still wanna get my gamerscore and trophy score up so I am determined to 100 percent as many things as possible! 

I was beginning to feel really guilty and restricted to certain games and for someone that has a big passion for it as I do, this really upset me. Luke has been asking me to stop them for ages... I think when I tried to do the Witcher in two weeks was when he started to have concerns....

And hey, the more games I play the more videos there will be and the more posts there will be on here haha. 

Thanks for reading,



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