GAMING : June Favourite

Hi Everyone!

So its time once again to reveal to you, my favourite game of the month. 

To say that I am obsessed by this choice is a real understatement. 

The game that I refer to is Stardew Valley. 

Its one that I hadn't really heard of before I bought it, however when I Googled about it... there is endless theories and wiki and tips attached to it!

The idea is simple, your Grandfather dies and leaves you a piece of land with the intention of you creating a farm... you are stuck in a city job and you need to get away. 

You can chose from five maps, all with different advantages.... I went for the standard one as I wasn't sure what to expect.... I still don't know what to expect.

The game is a lovechild of Zelda, Animal Crossing , Harvest Moon and minecraft (reimagined in a retro 32 bit world). 

You have to grow and harvest crops,  fish, raise animals (I have two chickens atm and they are my pride and joy), hunt cave monsters (?!) and collect stuff. 

I am only two season deep... and I have only just started making money, but I am so obsessed with the game.

 Its soundtrack is cute, the people in it feel real and I can't stop rearranging my farm! 

Its the kinda game that you only intend to be on for an hour and then your evening disappears! 

I plan to film a video on it, but this little game is well worth the ten pound I payed for it. 

I play it on Playstation, but I am sure its available on PC and other consoles. 

If you have played it, let me know what you think! 

Thanks for reading



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