LIFESTYLE : Fun In The Sun

Hello Everyone,

So for the past week, the Uk has been enjoying a heatwave. 

It was lovely to get outside and enjoy it! 

I won't lie, it was way too hot at night, but you can't have everything. 

On the first day of the heatwave, I went to London with my Mum, I have already written about it on here so I won't into too many details. 

You can always watch the day in this video: 

I then took Luke on a picnic date to one of our local parks. 

It wainscot just to be together and it kinda reminded me of sitting in the sun in Corfu. I feel like that Holiday really bought us together and it was a lovely memory. 

Luke made us little baggies, with His and Hers on it, which I thought was really cute. 

We decided to play Uno and because I am too good at, Luke threw all the cards at me!!!

Sore Loser! 

We then went and fed the Ducks some yummy grapes and made some new friends! 

I have to admit that I wanted the heatwave to break for one important reason, Boots and Diego.

 My poor cats do not like the heat and the change in their behaviour was so obvious. 

They didn't want to eat or drink, cuddle or even be in the house., I would lie awake worrying about where they were all day and all night. 

However, as soon as the weather became a little nicer for them, they turned back into the cuddly and over affectionate furballs that we have come to know and love. 

I myself like heat, but in certain situations, it is an anxiety trigger so I have to be careful! 

I am hoping that some of the good weather hangs around and I would love a nice warm summer. 

But in knowing England, its probably won't happen!!!

Thanks for reading 



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