LIFESTYLE : Gilmore Girls Review

Hi Guys, 

So it happened. I finally completed seven seasons of Gilmore Girls..... and my heart hurts. 

The show is like an old friend that you can sit and spend time with. A friend that you know inside and out and you've watched grow in front of you.... 

I watched Rory go through Chilton, through Yale and through three relationships. 

She's like a little sister. 

I am writing this before I watch a Year in the Life (The Revival).

I have to say, I love this series.  

I feel a massive void in my life now its gone.... its so smart and cleverly written. It inspires me to do my uni work as I always see Paris and Rory studying haha. 

It has broken my heart several times and cheered my mood back up. 

Even Luke was all over it. 

There were a few things I disagreed with. 

Max MADINA is the main one, that dude deserved so much better. 

The affair with the Married man.....

The Luke, Chris and Lorelei love triangle 


APRIL (why did they add that storyline?) 

But overall, I wish I can move to Stars Hallow now.  Please. 

If you are looking for a funny witty show then look no further. 

I'll let you know when I finish the revival series. 

(Please end up with Logan. Please) 

Thanks for reading, I need to dry my tears 



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