LIFESTYLE May Goal Results....

Hi Guys, 

So I thought that I would take the time to share my goal results from last month.... 

Now, I am writing this post, after the decision that I made to split the two into two separate videos / lifeforms. 

So I guess I will start with Lifestyle: 

I had two Goals 

1) I wanted to complete the Tough Mudder Half event. 

I did this and I have already posted the pictures on here and published a video.

 To be honest, I can't stop talking about it!

 I had so much fun and both times that I have done it, I have gained more and more respect for my body. In fact a week ago I joined the gym and yesterday was my first session. 

It's time to treat it right, I mean. I'm not getting any younger. 


2) I wanted to keep up with my Uni Work plan

I have managed to do this even with two weeks of holiday. 

 The problem that I think I will have is keeping up with the momentum. But that something that will be a daily battle and I think that I am winning at the moment. 

Now to Gaming Goals 

3)  I wanted to 100% Lego Jurassic World 

I did this. It took alot longer that the previous ones that I had done and its mainly the reason that I have decided not to do another one this month. 

 I think this is a game that I cannot bear to part with, who doesn't want to be a lego dinosaur and break things? I will write a review for this, later in the month. 

4) I wanted to get 16 badges on Heartgold 

I haven't managed to do this. I mean I have 8.... I'm still working on it and will keep at it for June! 

5) I wanted to complete the Evil Within.

I wanted to do this and film it. But by missing two weeks, I've shot myself in the foot. I'll have it done by the end of june and uploaded and scream myself to sleep....

So thanks for reading. 

I love setting goals, but as I said I'm changing the delivery of the goals... so the videos are aimed at the correct audience and so they aren't extremely boring haha 

Thanks for reading 



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