LIFESTYLE... More Meal Prep Ideas


So while the Beauty Brawl was happening, I decided to go for a different recipe for the meal prep! 

Well actually that being said, I didn't really have a plan when I first approached it. 

I started by cutting up all the left over veggies from the week. 

They were carrots, peppers, onions, salad tomatoes and celery. 

I then found a jar of stray Bolognese Sauce so I added that and some Oregano and hey presto meal prep sauce is complete : 

As there were so many veggies to use I made enough sauce for ten portions (enough for Luke and I for a week) 

As Luke hates pre prepped pasta he offered to cook it in the morning prior to work - however on the day that I took this picture he cooked a little bit too much. 

It was very tasty none the less and the fresh tomatoes gave an amazing flavour.

It also freezes well! 

Its well worth the consideration! 

Thanks for Reading 


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