LIFESTYLE : My Evening Routine

Hello Guys,

So I see alot of people doing these kinds of posts and videos so I thought that I would join in.

So I will do my Evening Routine in the weekday as it follows a more similar pattern 

So I come home from work and I am greeted with about five minutes of continuous screaming from: 

Boots and Diego love a fuss as soon as they spot one of their humans, its food and cuddle time. 

Then its time to get into some comfy clothes and out of my office wear.

I then tend to check my social media, new blog posts normally go up in the middle of the day but I always do a little repeater post. 

Next is dinner, depending on Luke's shift, I'll have it alone or with him. 

After that its time to start the wind down. This is the most important part of the day I think as it helps my head. 

My stress tends to go and I get a hold of my head. 

So I start with a shower, just my body. I do my hair in the morning. This tends to chill me out and make me slightly sleepy. 

I then start my Evening Skin Routine (I did a post on this in the past week so I won't go into details). 

I then get into my PJs and I do one of three things. Or maybe two, depends on the evening. 

1) I'll read a book 
2) I'll play the Playstation as its in the bedroom 
3) I''ll bung on a TV show or a film (this week it was the Hobbit)

At this point, I impose a digital detox. No Phone, no social media. Nothing. 

I feel as though Social media has a very negative effect on me, if I didn't have the blog and the channels, I wouldn't have any of them 

At this point I normally fall asleep. 


Mind, body and soul taken care of. 

Maybe I'll record it at some point as these videos seem to be all the rage. 

But for now....

Thanks as always for reading! 



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