LIFESTYLE : So What Can I 'Actually' Eat? (What I Eat In A Day)

Hellllooooo Guys, 

So I thought that I would write this post as I get asked the above question alot. 

So you don't eat meat or dairy.... so what can you actually eat? 

Food, Believe it or not! 

I get irked alot because people can be a little rude about it and act like my diet is a big inconvenience. 

When really the solution is simple, let me take you through a simple what I eat in a day post. 

Imma do a weekday as they tend to have a little more structure to them. 


I never used to be a big breakfast person, but I settled on something that filled me up enough without me feeling ill. 

I settled on a cup of Granola, with a couple of spoons of Alpro's plain Yoghurt and with whatever fresh fruit I have in the fridge. At the moment, it tends to be Strawberries. 

Snack - we have a morning break at work., so my go to snack is a packet of Popcorn!

 Its a nice way to keep your stomach going and its on the healthier side of snacks. 

Its also totally vegan friendly!  


At work, I eat a pre prepared week that I cooked earlier in the week . 

The two main dishes that I tend to go between is a nice layer salad with a vinaigrette dressing 


A Pasta dish with a sauce packed with veggies. 

These tend to fill me up quite a bit. I always try to go for a bigger Lunch as I feel like between Dinner and lunch is when my sugar level tends to drop the most! 


I tend to have a lot of vegetables, but I bung in Quorn meat, especially Quorn Chicken. 

This adds a bit of protein. 

That being said, the picture below is all veggies haha with a bit of cos cos in it 

And thats me for the day!

I haven't got bored in over a year and I do in fact enjoy alot of variety in my diet. 

I am going to write a veggie inspired Fakeaway post and I will post new dishes that I am trying. 

Maybe talking about it more, will help people to chill ands stop worrying about me! 

Thanks for Reading



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