LIFESTYLE : A Year of being Vegetarian and later Vegan - An Open Letter


So when Hideaway was entertaining the Beauty Brawl, which i still really miss, it was the first anniversary of the day that I gave up meat for good. 

Part of me can't believe its been a year and part of me cannot believe how much I don't miss it. 

I first embarked on this journey with a conversation with my partner Luke.

 I had just eaten the world most dreadful meat feast pizza. 

I had picked all the meat parts off and fed them to Boots and Diego (my cats). I was feeling sick and bloated and I wasn't enjoying the meal, in fact I hadn't really enjoyed any of my meals for the past couple of months.

The only meat that I could stomach was highly processed stuff, like nuggets and McDonalds burgers (stuff that didn't resemble anything). 

I went to Luke and I said I wanna do this, if only for a week, just to see if I can. 

A month went by and I lost weight. 

Two went by and I noticed the bloat had gone.

Six months and I had alot of energy.  It was around this time that I went Vegan. 

A year on and I'm going to gym, recharged and redefining my relationship with my body. 

Since that shitty pizza, I haven't eaten any meat. Sadly I had to give up sweets, but you know the deal with them right? 

Since that shitty pizza, I haven't felt guilty about what I'm eating. I haven't felt guilty when I slice through my meal. I haven't felt sick at the sight of fat. 

Since that shitty pizza, my body andI have achieved things that I never felt possible.

Since that shitty pizza, I took the first step into defining how I wanted my adulthood to be. 

And finally, yes. Eating out is very difficult for me now. I have been known to pre eat so that I don't have to glance through the menu looking for the green V only to discover its got a tonne of dairy in it.

 And yes, some people don't get it. 

But I did it for me. 

I did it for my love of animals 

I did it for my health. 

(Side note - my cats have mysteriously lost weight since I stopped feeding them all my leftover meat.... odd huh??)

Thanks for reading. 

I feel like this blog has been on this journey with me through so many things.....




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