YOUTUBE : Hideaway Blogging is Two Years old!

Hi Guys, 

So I was a little preemptive with the whole Beauty Bloggers Brawl event. 

It actually doesn't start till 3rd of June. 


So its kind of a blessing because, today is the second Birthday of Hideaway Blogging (the channel). 

My first Video 

I didn't have much time to prepare, but I thought that I would put a few thoughts on virtual paper. 

Youtube, is not as easy as I had thought, as with the blog, but I find that its a whole new creative process that I enjoy. 

You have to preplan videos, edit them down, upload and keep up the determination to repeat once a week. Theres alot of behind the scenes work, that I didn't appreciate till I had to start doing it. 

I myself, have struggled to keep going every now and again. I see sub counts as the be all and end all and its really not. It about the enjoyment and finding your own way. Hence the creation of Hideaway Gaming 

I love it when people say that they have tuned in and enjoyed watching my adventures ( I still get fairly embarassed though) 

I originally started doing them as a way for family to follow me around (I have a very large family that are spread around the country) and it kinda became an extension of the blog. 


I think that my initial nerves have gone as this is my space and I've come to accept that its just a hobby and not a chore.

  I never used to be able to look into the camera, or into anyones eyes in real life... and that has now changed. 

Try not to laugh Challenge with Luke 

I've shared a couple of videos that I love.

For the past two years.... All I can say is thanks for watching and thank you for helping me to build my confidence.

It means the world! 



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