ANIME : Deathnote Review

Hello Everyone,

One thing that was a massive Childhood passion of mine was Anime.

I wrote a post about my all time favourites so that you can see what I used to be obsessed with.

So Luke and I have been flirting with a couple at once.

We finally finished Deathnote last night.

This was the first anime that I have watched that focused on death.

The 'darkest' anime I have watched up until this point was the Dragonball series.

Remember 'that' Krillin, Freeza and Horn scene? Yuck.

So moving back to Deathnote....

Deathnote is one of the smartest shows I have ever watched. Period.

Its got alot of twists and turns in the Cat and Mouse game between Light and L and also Light and Near.

Light is on the Left above and L is on the right.

The whole story centres around a notebook that has been dropped by a Shinigami  (A God of Death) called Ryuk. 

He is bored and wants to see what the human world has to offer.

The Notebook is actually a deathnote and any person's name that is written in it, will die.


Well no, basically Light, the main character, likes the power that he now has over his fellow man and starts to kill criminals and others that commit wrong doings. 

He becomes drunk with power and is dubbed ' Kira'. 

And its not too long before the police catch on and bring in L to investigate. 

The story is incredible and will keep your attention and at only 37, 3o min episodes, its easy to binge watch from start to finish.

Its easy to see why it has such a massive following, however I must admit that I am a little worried for this new Netflix series. 

Just from first impressions, alot has already been changed. 

But lets talk about the anime again. 

I have to say I hate Light. I have never wanted a main character to fail as much as I wanted him to. 

My favourite characters are Ryuk and his mate Sidoh. 

I think this clip will give you a little taste of the anime and why I love the two so much - they inject some much needed humour into an otherwise dark anime: 

I don't want to give too much away as a) you probably wouldn't believe me and b) I want the ending to be a surprise as much as it was for Luke and I

Its a dangerous web and its one that we enjoyed unraveling. 

I think the song that best sums it up is this one: 

So thats it for this review. 

Its an anime that has really gotten me back into the genre and made me think about my fellow human. 

I'm looking forward to the next one 

(Netflix - please don't kill this story?)

Thanks for reading 



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