ANIME : One Punch Man Review


So its time for another Anime review! 

Luke and I recently finished the first series of One Punch Man. As this is all that is available at the moment, I thought that I would write a mini review. 

I like One Punch Man as he's kinda a superhero that doesn't wanna be one. He just wants to be a nice guy and stop the bad guy. But he is the most sarcastic guy going.

The premise is that the main character Satiama aka One Punch Man can kill anything with one punch. Thats it, simple. 

Whenever he enters a battle you know how its gonna end. And because of that it works. Honestly its great 

The way he obtained this power? 100 punch ups, 100 sit ups, 100 squats and 10km runs. Every day. 

To that extent, he lost all his hair. Don't mention it though cos he doesn't like looking like an egg 

As the story progresses, One Punch Man gains an apprentice who worships his power , the guys name is Genos. He treats him as a living God, which is weird because in the superhero rankings he is actually higher.

I love this series as I identify with Satiama. He is bored with life, but he knows that there is good to do and that he has a power inside of him. 

He later joins the Hero organsation and is ranked quite lowly. 

I would recommend it to someone that wants to watch a comedy Anime, but one that also has a fair bit of action in it. 

Here are some of the funniest moments: 

I look forward to more! 

Thanks for Reading 



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