BEAUTY AND FASHION : Marzia's Camping Box

Hello Everybody, 

So its time for another Unboxing Post.

This is a quarterly box, so there is one every three months. 

This box is by my favourite Youtuber, Marzia. 

It focuses on Beauty Products and items designed by Marzia herself. 

There is a different theme per box and as this is my first one, I was rather excited.

So this was it when I opened it - as there alot of different stuff. I have split everything into two pictures.

So above there is the stuff that Marzia designed herself. 

On the top left, there is a little comic book following the adventures of Marzia's two pugs - Maya and Edgar. 

Next to that is a cute little Forest creatures pencil - the design on the handle is little cartoon drawings. 

Next to this is a notepad with the same design at the comic. 

Below this is a Tin Mug - you can't tell but its Dark Blue with white spots. It has a little mountain design on it. I have to admit, I've basically used it for everything as its so easy to clean. 

Moving on the beauty stuff: 

The main fabric underneath the products is actually a bandana that Marzia designed herself. I have been using it after work as a go to hard tie. 

Starting on the left we have: 

NYX Illuminating Stick in Rose Petal Pop - I am looking forward to this product as it can also be used as a lip stain. Its a little brighter than I am used to but I think thats the good thing about being sent new products its pushes you out of your comfort zone. 

Next we have - Wet and Wild's Megaglo Makeup Stick -  I have never used a stick to do my blush with so I am looking forward to seeing how much easier it really is. 

Next we have the Fresh Rose Deep Hydration Face Serum - I am majorly into my skin products at the moment and I have  never tried anything with Rose water it in. I am excited as I know that it is meant to be very good for you. 

Next to that is Marzia's Signature Summer scent in Collaboration with Scent Trunk perfume  -  Upon first impressions , the smell is a very warm and sweet one. I am loving it so far. Luke however thinks that it is a little heavy, but then again he thinks that about alot of my perfumes sooooooo

and finally on the bottom we have First Aid Beauty Facial Radiance Pads - As I said, I am majorly into my skin care at the moment. I have recently discovered some face wipes that I am in love with so it will be interesting to see how these stack up. 

So thats it for this box. 

I have alot of boxes to review this month so keep your eyes peeled! 

Marzia did a little preview video that you can check out here in the mean time :

Thanks for Reading 



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Wildfire Charm said…
This is such a cute box! I haven't watched Marzia's videos in a while but I really loved them. I like the addition of the bandana too x

- Pallavi
Becky Russell said…
I just love the way she edits her videos. All how relaxed I feel when I watch them. I'm really excited to get stuck into the box!


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