BEAUTY : July Empties and Favourites

Hello everyone! 

So its that time where Luke nags at me to get my empties post written.

Bless him, he doesn't like having all the bottles lying around! 

Here is all the products that I have used this month 

As I have spoken about some of them before,  I am going to review the below instead. 

Soap and Glory's Heel Genius - I got given this as part of a giftset and honestly, I'm wondering how I am going to cope without it now its gone. Its something that I used everyday in the evening. My feet are the driest part of my body. It did a good job of taking the roughness away. A little too good. Some days I would slide around on my wooden floor. 

Its on the repurchase list 

Maybeline's Ultra black mascara - I personally didn't like this one as it clumped very easy and the brush broke very quickly. So I don't really have anything positive to write about it 

Radix's Feel Refreshed Shower Gel - This was originally Lukes and I just used it when I ran out of my own stuff. However I loved the smell so much, that I thought I would include it. It was one pound for the massive bottle and it smells so fresh! 

Marks and Spencers Royal Jelly Hand and Nail Cream - I LOVE THIS ONE SO MUCH. So silky, so soft and an amazing smell. Repurchase, repurchase, repurchase!

Maybeline's Master Precise Liquid Eyeliner - I love this little product. I love having my winged eyeliner every day. I found that this brush was kind to my eyelids and its lasts for quite a long time. I have found however that you need to completely let your foundations set or else it can make it go grey. No rushing in the morning! 

So thats it for now.

There will be a few coming later in the month from the birch boxes . So watch this space! 

Thanks for reading 



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