BEAUTY : July's Birchbox

Hello Everybody, 

So two weeks after my June Birchbox arrived.... July's was here! 

I was like an excited kid at Christmas and when I saw that it had been delivered, I sprinted down to my Work's postroom. 

(That way I could ensure that someone was there to sign for it!) 

So shall we take a look?

The box is rather packed so you'll have to excuse the crampness of the picture. 

This Month's theme is Summer Daze and the box is blue fading into pink with black palm tress. T

he Box is designed to be like a drawer. So I might keep it.

My Birchbag from last month is now a feature on my nightstand. 

So its time to look at the products. 

As always, you can click to enlarge. 

I'll start from the top. 

We have a full sized - Lord and Berry Conceal-it- Crayon - in No 8803 - Beige. 

When I have gone to use this on my hand, it appears a shade too light. However my face tends to be paler and I'll admit that I am curious to see what happens when using a crayon as opposed to Liquid. 

I honestly wouldn't have normally gone for something like this so I am very excited to try! 

To the right is Percy and Reed's Perfectly Perfecting Wonder Overnight Recovery -

 Long title. 

The first thing I did was to smell the product. It reminds me very much of a salon smell, which I love.  I can see that it is something that is designed for dry hair so if it works, I'll be its new best friend! 

Moving down and to the left is the Nanette Lepore - Eau de Parfum. 

I am the biggest perfume horder. You'll know this if you read the blog alot, watch the main channel... or live with me. So to be sent a perfume tester is a dream come true. 

Although it is also the worst temptation..... But that is why I got the box! Upon first impressions it is nice and light and flowery. 

To the left, is the gift that I could choose. It's Benefit Cosmetic's Lip and Cheek Tint. I could have gotten it in Coral or pink.

 But honestly couldn't chose so I asked them to surprise me! 

I got the pink which is called Gogotint. It attracted some attention in the office when I opened it and its not for sale until the end of July so its a nice little preview! 

Down to the left is the Balance me - Flash Cleanse Micellar Water.  

My skin is a massive issue in the summer so I am grateful to get another skin product this month. I love having an evening routine in which I take off my makeup, cleanse and mostuire so I'm sure it will fit in just nicely. 

And finally , the product that I would never have gone for..... Native Unearthed's Natural Mineral Deodorant. 

I am big on trying to switch my makeup to natural ones so this will be a good test for me.

 I am very conscience about Body Oder so I know I'm gonna be more critical about this one that any other in this box, but I'll try anything once! 

So by the end of this month, you should have 12 mini reviews for this box and the June Box. 

I am excited to try something new, but equally if it sucks, I will tell you. 

I have one more box coming in the next couple of days.... again with some beauty products so it gonna be a busy month haha 

But thats why I do the blog, cos I love reviewing stuff! 

Thanks for Reading as always 


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