BOOKS : The White Queen by Phillipa Gregory

Hello Everyone, 

So its time for a book review, its been a little while since I have done a post like this so I'm rather excited to share this book with you! 

I have recently been working my way through my bookcase as its currently overflowing and I haven't read alot of them. 

I have a set of books - The Cousin's War by Phillipa Gregory that were gathering dust. 

 I actually thought that I had all of them in the series, however since I bought them two more have come out! Argh.

Anyway - The White Queen is the first of the five books.

 I have to admit that before I read it, I already knew the story as its based on a real person , Elizabeth Woodville. 

Plus, I had actually already watched the TV adaptation of all of the books except The White Princess. 

The book is a bit of a blend of Fiction and Non Fiction - set during the English Civil War, the White Queen starts with the newly widowed Elizabeth standing at the side of road ready to beg for her land back. 

She ends up having a chance encounter with the Newly Crowned King of England, Edward and sparks a love affair that was something that most people could only dream of. 

They marry in secret and she is bought to court but she has to quickly adapt to the world around her and the dangerous political tension. The story takes place over twenty five ish years and there are twists and turns a plenty. The main one being the Princes in the Tower, that still bugs people today. 

The book kept me hooked as I am a massive History Nerd and plus I love books that take me away from modern day. Escapism at its best. 

 Also there is another bonus factor in that Elizabeth Woodville, is from Northamptonshire and when I lived in my family homes, I was very near her old stomping grounds. 

How cool is that? 

My only negatives about the book, is that it moves very quickly. But I suppose that it has to. 

Also there is alot of different players in the book that all want the Throne so at some points, I felt a tiny bit lost, or I had to re read a few pages. 

You have to take the story with a pinch of salt because aside from diaries and letters, we can truly have no clue about the conversations that happened.

 We can only guess. But that being said its a nice little read. 

I've started the next book The Red Queen - which is the same story but told by another point of view. 

So when that it done I will post my thoughts on it. 

So for now, thanks for reading! 



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