GAMING : July Favourites

Hello Everybody,

So I thought that it might be time to share my favourite game for this month. 

This months is an older one, but its the new remastered version of it. 

I recently repurchased Skyrim (as part of a previous Previous Gaming Haul  that I have already written about)  on the PS4 and I have been obsessed with it ever since. 

I decided that this time instead of rushing it trying to beat it before the end of a deadline, that I would let it take as long as it needs to.  I learnt a painful lesson from trying to do this with the Witcher 3 

No this time, I am going to enjoy it. 

Yes I want those achievements, but I wanna fully emerce myself in the world and also to actually understand the stories. 

Again, I have been known to completely lose the plot and just do the missions cos you have to. 

I have alot of love for games like this, one of my all time favourites is the Fable series. 

The only thing that I honestly have to be careful of is that I don't become too obsessed and miss sleep by pulling an all nighter.  Unfortutely , I am getting to the stage where I need a solid eight hours otherwise I become a gremlin. 

My character this time is one of  the Cat Species Khajiit... I started it the night I found out about Sidney's Death so it influenced my choice. 

I hope to film a bit in the future but for now I'm just enjoying the ride. 

 I love rediscovering old games as well as new. 

So thats it for now...

Thanks for Reading 



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