GAMING : Lego Jurassic World

Hello Everyone, 

So I have been looking through all of my gaming reviews and I realised that I haven't written a post for one of the games that I have since 100%ed and got a platinum trophy on. 

I have decided that I am only going to write reviews when I have completely enjoyed a game from now on. 

I have now completed Lego Jurassic world as my last ever gaming goal. 

I haven't uploaded the footage as there isn't going to be an overall gaming video anymore. 

So as you may know, I love me a Lego game.

 I think they take me back to my childhood and the second that this game was announced, I knew that I had to have it. 

I got a preorder with a lovely little Lego Raptor, called Steve, he lives in my cactus. 

Raptors love cati right? 

So the game is split into four different worlds - for the four different films and you make your way through the levels and the through the massive free play worlds. 

Thats great and all, but my absolute favourite is... BEING AN ACTUAL LEGO DINO. 

So many hours of fun, go and be a little baby raptor and thank me later.... yep they bounce.

The game follows the standard method.... red bricks, gold bricks, mini kits and amber so the collection element is very much alive and kicking. 

The open world can be a little annoying when you are looking for those last bricks, I didn't use any guides. Make sure you have all the red bricks enabled! 

When I complete games, I generally tend to trade them in now. I can't part with this one. 

Avengers, star wars, Harry potter are all gone. But not this one. 

Every now and again, I'll check in with my T- Rex or Blue the Raptor and go on a rampage. 

I think its one that you buy and love and keep! 

Thanks for reading 



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