LIFESTYLE : 26th Birthday!


IF you are reading this on July 30th, then its is my birthday today! 

I am officially on 'the other side of 20' now..... Help me please. 

It's time to become and act like an adult. 

I have to admit my actual Birthday is starting to feel like  any other day, but I am lucky that I have people around me that get excited about it haha!

The older I get, the more childish my requirements seem to become. 

I want a gaming day complete with the ultimate snacks. Some of my Birthday presents are a bit kiddy as well. But more on that later also......

We are also planning on going to Legoland Windsor on Monday so I will of course film it and put pictures on here. 

If you read the blog often, you will know I am obsessed with the games and have completed alot of them! 

I alway get a little reflective at this time of year as I always set myself targets from birthday to birthday rather that at the start of a calendar year, as that way I stick to them. 

But more on this later. 

I thought that in this post, I would say thank you also to you, the reader. 

In the past couple of months the views on this blog have tripled, the channels are also upping in numbers. 

It's been a difficult time for me personally and sometimes knowing that people are on the blog, it makes me feel like someone is still there. 

So thank you for reading and commenting, I'm not going to write too much as I'm gonna go and eat some Vegan cake! 

So for now, thanks for reading! 



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