LIFESTYLE AND HOME DESIGN(?) - Transforming the Kitchen and the Bathroom

Hello everyone, 

So at the weekend, Luke and I decided that enough was enough and that we were going to sort our Bathroom once and for all. 

(and as a consequence we also did the same with the kitchen... kind of) 

So story time, when we moved in, our flat wasn't in the best condition. 

We were prewarned by the landlord and this is why we got it at a bit of a steal. 

So if we just focus on the Bathroom.

The toilet itself is in a little annex part of the bathroom and for some unknown reason the previous tenant decided to paint it purple. 

Now, I am a massive fan of the colour purple, but it made the room look dark and smaller

The rest of the room was covered in damp, which we treated. 

So its time for a before picture....

Here is the after, after three coats of paint and new furniture......

The picture doesn't really do it that much justice (there is a video coming too), but the space looks and feels clean and fresh! 

It also has made it feel like the place is ours and there is nothing from the previous people hanging over us. 

Also in the box of goodies was an item, that I have wanted for the longest time. A new kitchen table. 

Half the space of the room was taken by the large wooden table above. 

But now.....

The room has been opened up by this breakfast bar. 

The room too needs a lick of paint and some other cosmetic work but we are well on our way to making the kitchen, a room that we don't just walk through. 

I am hoping that this will be a cosy little space for me to write and edit from also. 

Its been a long day in doing the above but, I have to say it feels more that worth it! 

There will be a Youtube video going live later this evening with some footage also. 

Thanks for reading 



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