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Hello Everyone,

So I thought that I would write a little post regarding a little remark I made in a recent post.

I have taken myself off of social media for the week and away from my phone in general and have decided to focus on little projects - Books, games and my list of things I achieved today  instead (I have started write this list instead of writing a to do list.) 

My relationship with social media is something that has always been interesting to say the least. 

The more social we are in social media, the more Anti Social we are in real life.

We just seem to know everything about everyone without speaking to each other. 

This thought and realisation terrifies me. But its all us, willingly putting that information out there and then being surprised when someone brings it up. 

In ways its killing the art of the conversation and the desire to get to know someone. 

How often do you hear someone start a story and someone inject with 'yeah I know I saw it on Facebook'. 

I have said to Luke many times that any major events, are not going on there. if anything. This includes our eventual wedding (I hope) and children. If you want be part of the moment but part of it. Don't stalk my social media. 

I disagree with alot of children footage and pictures, because I think yes, some are cute. 

However, remember the embarrassment you feel when your parents get the baby pictures out? Well your kids will have that but 100 times worse. Its out there forever.

You can try and delete a picture, but there are random websites taking copies. I've learnt this through random blog pictures of mine. 

I should clarify that in saying that I have taken myself off of the websites, I still keep all the channels associated with the blog running (so all the links below are valid and running).  I literally just pop on and off and try not to read anything. 

 I know if I see certain things in particular I will be hooked and thats a portion of my time gone. 

Basically, I am finding myself wasting my life scrolling on my phone screen or on my laptop. In the dark also, the light of my phone keeping me awake. 

Literally the first thing and the last thing I was doing at night was staring at Facebook. 

Sometimes I would wake up in the middle of the night and automatically grab my phone and just do it automatically and then wonder why I cannot get back to sleep. 

I was getting annoyed, angry and upset by everything that I was seeing. Not only that but oh my lord the spoilers for Tv shows was ridic. 

Its hard to explain the exact things that were making me angry.... but some stuff was around the time of the general election, everyone was an expert. I could see people really disrespecting people over their own free choice.

 Another real trigger is animal cruelty videos - starting in a major way all the way down to things like putting fake eyelashes on dogs and making them walk on two legs. Its not ok. 

People generally moaning gets to me, its not a bad life, just a bad day.  I could see general attention seeing. I could see people openly fighting - like inter family arguments. 

I was getting envious of people's success, completely ignoring my own achievements .. because it didn't look as polished as theirs.  I was muting alot of people so that I couldn't see stuff. 

I decided that I needed some time out. The only apps that remain on my phone are Tumblr and Instagram. Tumblr is pure and has never really hurt me and I love just seeing beautiful pictures. 

In the time that I would have spent glued to my phone, I have actually started doing other things like reading, if only for 10-20 min period while I am in recovery.

It actually feels like a proper addition at this point and I guess that is exactly what it became.

 I have to say I do miss the good old days when I was a kid and Myspace was the new thing that everyone is gonna love....

I have spent more time gaming and just sitting and watching TV and not being distracted and I have no doubt that my feeling better with my anxiety is linked to this too.  

My mind is constantly trying to relapse, but by taking steps like this. I am slowly taking back control! 

Step by step. 

Thanks for reading my rant



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