LIFESTYLE : As I Turn 25.... Yearly Goal Review

Hello Everyone, 

So it is time to review my yearly goals from last year and to see how it went!

Yesterday, I turned 26 and I feel as though that I am in a very different space to where I was last year. 

Last year, I was alot happier than the year before but I still was wanting more.

I wanted to have the courage to keep changing and keep challenging myself. 

I had just discovered that I was capable of so much more than the boundaries I had mentally given myself. 

You can watch last years video along with this post below:

With this in mind I set myself the following goals: 

I wanted to do three goals monthly - I have recently stopped doing this as I was getting a little carried away. BUT I want to start doing them and I want to include gaming again. So keep your eyes peeled ;)

My Yearly Goals were :

1) I wanted to read one book a fortnight 

The amount of books that I have been reading has improved tenfold since I set this goal. However, they are not as consistent as I would like. For example, I can destroy a book in a couple of days then go like three weeks without reading another one. So yes, the goal has had the desired effect but I would like it to be more consistent. 

2) Travel, Travel, Travel 

I was bored with the same four walls when I picked this. Since I set this goal, I have been to the following places ; Malta, London, Birmingham, Hastings and Corfu (to name a couple). I think that we have well and truly beat this goal. 

We plan to go away again in November so watch this space! 

3) Cook more, Less Takeaways 

I think in some ways we have nailed this. In some ways we haven't. I'll level that both Luke and I need to massively improve our diets as a recent blood test flagged that we need to eat alot better. So I have thought about a more creative way that I can do this going forward...... 

4) Relax! 

I didn't really achieve this..... the past couple of months have shown that I haven't blown off enough steam.... lets hope this year is different. 

Please tune in tomorrow to see the new set of Yearly goals! I also plan to turn this into a video so I will update you when that is filmed!

Thanks for reading



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