LIFESTYLE : Gilmore Girls - A Year In The Life

Hello Everyone, 

So I previously wrote a review of my favourite show Gilmore Girls and I said that I would write a follow up post when I had finished the revival. 

Well that time has come. 

And boy was it a ride. 

So its set nine years after 'that' finale that left me in pieces. 

It was amazing to see that the whole cast - bar richard - came back and it felt like going home to your parents after going away for a while or coming home from University. 

Everyone was the same but just dealing with new situations. 

The thing that struck me is that the majority of the characters were unhappy in their own way and I thought that was heartbreaking, but as time moves on you don't always get what you want. 

It also doesn't go the way you played I.e. hands up if you thought Luke and Lorelai would be married by now? 

Also who thought Rory would be married by now? 

The show is divided into seasons, starting with winter and the sad passing of Dad Richard

. It shows the strain on the relationships and the acceptance that life will not be the same again.

I really don't want to give anything away but the third episode, Summer....The song at the end of it will wreck you.

 I'm not an easy crier but this show wrecked me. 


Like fo real. 

I'm really sad that its now completely over as I don't see them making more. 

To be honest, they don't need to... the characters all got a good end in my opinion. 

I am so glad that I discovered this show and I know that it is one that will never leave me. 

And one that I'll probs binge watch in the cold winter months. 


Thanks for reading 


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