LIFESTYLE : July Favourites

Hello Everyone,

So its time (again!!) to share my current Lifestyle favourites. 

So I will start with TV show. 

So basically,  I completely finished Gilmore Girls and the Year In The Life follow up series and I felt as though I was left with a massive void in my life.

 I looked on Netflix at all the series that I had started and not finished.... 

And then I saw it.... Pretty Little Liars. I had previously got to the start of series two and kinda forgot about it. Now that its finished, I thought that it might be the right time to pick it back up again. 

I'm addicted to it as is Luke.

 So many theories and so many shocks happening at the moment so I am glad I have found a show that is keeping my attention and at the moment its not dragging too much.... 

I'll let you know my overall views when I finish it in a review post. 

Normally I would share a little clip below, but I am so paranoid that imma see a spoiler so I'm not going to risk it haha. 

My Favourite Music : 

So I am currently in the long process of re-downloading music to my new iPod / old recycled I phone. 

In doing this I am rediscovering a lot of stuff that I had forgotten about. 

My main ones that I am back in love with are AHA, Green Day, My Chemical Romance and Bon Jovi

My all time favorite song is by AHA and its called - The Sun Always Shines on TV. It always changes my mood into a positive one and I can dance along with it. 

I'm going to write a post in the near future of My All time favourite songs, but I will list my favourites of the above artists here as a little spoiler: 

Bon Jovi - It's My Life 

Green Day -  Holiday / Boulevard of Broken Dreams 

My Chemical Romance  - Sing it for Japan & Ghost of You. 

To be honest, I have alot of favourites for this band so I could have listed about five. 

And Finally, my favourite film. 

So I am attempting to enjoy some of the old Dvds as it is a monthly goal. 

I am massively into the Hobbit and the Lord of the Rings Series at the moment. 

I have rediscovered them on Blueray and they are beautiful. 

Its hard to home it down to just the one scene so Please enjoy the musical genius that is They're taking the Hobbits to Isenguard! 

So thats if for July! 

Thanks for Reading 



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