LIFESTYLE : June Goal Results


So June has been and gone, so its time to go over the Lifestyle goal results for the month. 

So I set myself three goals! 

1) I wanted to go for a picnic. 

The weather was really good last week. So I dragged Luke on a Picnic with me. We went and fed the ducks, it was lovely 

Here is a video of the day: 

2) I wanted to ensure that I was going to keep up with my gym routine. 

Luke and I generally stick to the one day on and one day off rule.

 I have really felt the positive vides this past month and I'm glad to say that I have stuck to it religiously. You might be able to tell from all the posts after the past couple of weeks!

Its all work in progress and I want to stay on top of it

3) I wanted to paint the bathroom

Its done, but it turned out to be a bigger job than we thought as we had to do several layers of mould treatments first. The bathroom was originally purple but now its back to being magnolia (its made it look way bigger)!

All the footage is in the video below :

Thanks for reading 



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