LIFESTYLE : A Mental Health Update

Hello Everyone, 

So I thought that I would write a little post as obviously over the past couple of weeks I have featured Mental Health on here quite heavily. 

I decided that it was time to reach out and get some professional help as my anxiety was starting to creep into my work life in quite an obvious way. I also felt it triggering my depression as if it were its younger sibling. 

I wrote more in depth about this in an earlier post

I first spoke to people through my workplace and then was referred to my local GP. 

Without going into exact details, I was rushed in to see a nurse and then to the Senior doctor of the practise. I was open and blunt with how I felt and have been referred to a higher doctor in the hospital.

I was also diagnosed with something extra to the depression and anxiety but thats something that I wish to keep to myself for the foreseeable as it was alot to take in. 

Also I think the new issue is something that I need to explore before I can understand it fully. 

But its nothing to be scared of as I feel that people are helping me to get everything sorted. 

My main fear was in working up the courage to go there and to be pushed away. This happened to me as a teenager and I was much worse in certain ways. A couple of doctors told me I was just a teenager and I would grow out of it, or to go and sleep it off.

I was also started on a course of tablets to help calm me down and to help me sleep as I have been sleeping but not resting. 

Its been hard to adjust to them, but I can feel them working. I'm just in that awkward two week period  in which I feel ill and I need to sleep all the time. 

I thought I would write this update as I know a few people have been concerned about me. Honestly there is no need to be, the doctor is helping and I know that things will be ok in the end. 

I just have to go through the pain and be a little brave. 

Thanks for reading 



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