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Hello Everyone, 

So as I said in a previous post that I wrote on Saturday, I said that I would write a follow up, when I could compose my thoughts. 


I wrote the main bulk of this post on the Saturday - two days after my anxiety was at its worst 


Thursday really knocked me for six, and two days on, I still feel out of sorts. 

However there are a few things that have really helped. 

As I mentioned on Thursday, after work, I sat in complete silence and just let the world go by. I centred my thoughts and chilled under a blanket. 

There was no tv, no social media. Just the odd Youtube Video to make me laugh. 

I was physically exhausted so I slept the rest of the night. 

Friday - I was on my own. I luckily had booked the day off ages in advance. 

I decided to write a couple of blog posts, I decided to tidy up a bit. I decided to catch up on all of the soaps. 

I had to try and recover my skin, it was left all sore and feeling really raw. You never really realise how much anxiety can physically take it out of you. 

So while being careful not to let my face sting too much,  I decided to treat my face.

The dark areas under my eyes are like extremely dry and appeared over night. They are my main area of concern. 

I used all of the above including an extra serving of Lush's Skin drink. 

I then decided to play alot of video games and rest in bed. 

However this is something that I am trying to stop doing as much. One of my main signs of depression is that I sleep too much but wake up exhausted. 

Luke came home and then we talked. 

Its only today, Saturday, that I felt like I could go to the local shop for a bit. There was only one moment , when I thought I was gonna relapse a bit. 

I was wearing my glasses to cover up my eyes and Luke took them off my face to clean them and I thought that with one look, people would be able to instantly tell that something was wrong. 

Its like one step in front of the other to try and recover. 

Reading is also really helping. I went through 200 pages yesterday. 

I guess it just building myself up slowly. 

I need to try and get into sleeping better, I am sleeping loads but having night terrors so waking up knackered. I think that I am going to start a dream tracker. Just to see what is going on up there. 

I will update again with how its all going. 


As I wanted to edit this post again before I actually posted it. 

Its now a week on ( Friday to be precise) - and things have massively changed. 

I have taken steps to see a doctor and have gone through a mental health assessment.  I have started the fight to get everything back on track. 

I have taken myself off of social media for the week and away from my phone in general and have decided to focus on little projects - Books, games and my list of things I achieved today  instead (I have started write this list instead of writing a to do list.) 

I have kept myself to little routines after work - I even managed to film a little video about it  

Everyday is difficult as I can see little triggers popping up everywhere but I just try to combat them now. 

I am happy to say that the physical symptoms have all gone now ! 

I have to admit that my eyes got worse before they got better....

I'll update you with how it all goes...

Thanks for reading my ramblings 



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