LIFESTYLE : Stargate SG1 Review

Hello Everyone, 

So time for another TV reviewwwww. 

So a little fact about me. I am a massive Sci Fi fan, I think that its all to do with watching them with my Dad. 

One of the shows that I loved growing up watching was Stargate SG1. 

It was the first one that I sat and watched the whole way through as a kid and as I recently rewatched it I thought I would write a little post. 

So basically, the story is about travel to other planets and galaxies through a device called the Stargate.

 It all started with a movie with Kurt Russell and it led to this little beauty of a series. 

A lot of other shows have parodied it so you just might recognise it 

In the series, the team is led by Richard Dean Anderson, who is the perfect combo of sarcastic and witty. 

I love that the show is based in Egyptian and  Norse mythology as it brings out my love of history. The enemies are actually quite terrifying - those replicators tho....

Throughout the series, the teams change up a bit and the enemy changes, but like Star Trek, it brings up alot of sociological themes. It also questions the themes of humanity.

It shows a mirror back at us and questions why we are the way we are. 

Plus its cool with all of the fight scenes and also the space scenes. 

Its one of those to binge watch under a duvet at night. Its never left me and its kind of a comfort blanket. I think that it will always have a little space in my heart. As if it was cancelled. 

Here is a clip from my favourite episode: 

It also spawned two other series - Altantis and Universe. 

I am currently making my way through them so I will write a little update when I'm done. 

So thats it for now. 

Thanks for reading 



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