YOUTUBE : A Catch Up

Hello Everyone, 

So after a heavy week, I only managed to record and edit and upload just the one video last week.

This was 100 percent down to my appearance. 

I was very aware that my skin was pale with rashes and scaley eyes. 

No one wants to see that, also I don't want really remember it when I come to look back. 

So I recorded the below video - basically I have been meaning to film an evening skin routine video, but I wasn't sure how to go about it. 

I hate videos that drag so I thought that I would film my Thursday evening and keep it upbeat! 

All the products that are featured in the video are listed below : 

Superdrug's Tea Tree Oil Face Wipes 
9-5 Lush Moisturiser  
Skindrink (Lush) 
Soap And Glory's The Righteous Butter
Cowshed's Moisturising Hand Cream 
Happy Naturals Lip Balm
Body Shops' Peppermint Food Rub 
Zella Beauty - Let's Spritz Body Mist

Hopefully there will be a couple more video this week!

I'll keep you updated but for now....

Thanks for reading 



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