YOUTUBE : Weekly Catch Up

Hello Everyone, 

Its time to share the latest updates to the two Youtube Channels. 

Hideaway Blogging 

Here is the footage from Luke and I decorating and furnishing the Bathroom and Kitchen. 

Our House us very much work in progress and its something that I hope to keep updating the blog and the channel with! 

Hideaway Gaming 

I wasn't ready to film the next part of Stardew Valley as I been obsessed with Skyrim and Pretty Little Liars. 

So I thought that it might be nice to film a new video with Luke. 

He decided that he wanted to film a little bit of the new remastered Crash Bandicoot. 

I intended to film more that I did but.... well I'll let the video do the talking. 

So thats it for this week. 

I hope you enjoy the videos and remember to Sub if you like them! 

Thanks for reading 



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