ANIME : Attack on Titan

 Hello Everyone, 

So its time to share my thoughts on the Anime, Attack on Titan. 

Please note however, that this is going to be a review of Series one, as the second series hasn't yet come to Netflix. 

I'll probs give in at some point and stream it from somewhere. 

So going in - I had no expectations as Luke hadn't told me anything about it. 

I just knew that alot of people loved it... and I can see why.

So the Premise is that one day, huge humanoid monsters break through a wall protecting a city and start devouring humans. 

Its sounds simple, but its so much more than that. 

Below is the trailer 

The story focus on three kids - later adults and their journey to train to fight these monsters.

 Eren, the main guy, loses his Mother in a brutal way (which you see many times over and over throughout the series) and this drives him to want to kill 'every single titan out there'. 

However this becomes a little bit more difficult when the lines get blurred.... without trying to ruin anything, a Titan is helping the Humans for the first time.... and when another Titan tries to threaten this new union... all hell breaks loose and alot of death occurs. 

The story at times, seems really fucking bleak (now I don't normally swear on the blog but there is no other way to put it). It feels as though we are watching the final death of the Human race. 

There are literally three stone walls between the Titans and the death of humanity. 

What I love about this anime - even though its gory and everyone seems to die - its that it makes you question everything about what it means to be human. 

How you would react - and what is ok and what isn't?

For example, towards the end of the series. One of the Commanding Rangers is also a scientist and she starts experimenting on a couple of the Titans and for me... this didn't sit right. 

Deep down, I felt as if it was not ok.... and here is why. 

Titans are giant humans- basically us. Except they have no gender or sexual organs. They don't talk but have the ability to do so. 

They have intelligence, but don't show it. 

They just happen to be really tall... oh and kill humans for fun. Not to eat them to survive.

For me, they aren't that far away from ourselves and as someone that is against animal testing, it hit a little close to home. 

That it just one example of the thousands of questions that this raises.

One more is the relationship between two of the main characters Eren and Mikasa - they are basically brother and sister in the show. 

So yes not technically blood (the girl is adopted), but alot of people on twitter ship them together. Now, to me its a little bit Game of thronesy but its not like I want them with anyone else. 

(The below is graphic and contains spoilers)

I just feel that it would ruin a beautiful thing, which is their current relationship, if it became romantic. I feel rather protective tbh. 

There are a thousand questions I have that the show hasn't answered yet. 

But one thing I do know. 

Sasha is my favourite character and I fear as with all my favourites... she will die soon. 

So for now please enjoy this beautiful moment....

I'm excited but nervous for series two... 

I'll let you know when I have watched it... 

Until then,

Thanks for reading 



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