ANIME / MANGA : Loot Anime - Action Comedy Box!

Hello Everyone, 

So it's time for an Unboxing / first impressions post for a new type of monthly box. 

Actually, I should add the disclaimer that this is in fact Luke's box... but he is going to let me also enjoy the items ;)

So the box below is Loot Anime. 

Luke has decided to order them as a gift for self and a surprise for each month. We are both massive fans of Anime so it makes sense. 

I have also signed up for the Loot Gaming box and he of course will have the same privileges with that as I have with the Anime box. 

So this month's theme was action comedy and the fact that One Punch man was the main franchise that was featured was a massive bonus! 

Below is the box..... (You can click to enlarge the picture) 

If I start from the Left of the box we have :

A Trigun print white T-Shirt  - Luke was really excited about this as it fit like a glove. We were concerned about how the clothing would work out as it is done by American Sizes.  The print on it is really colourful. After Luke tried it on, he immediately went on Crunchyroll to watch it and lets just say he couldn't turn it off. 

Next is some prints from High School D X D and FLCL - They are backed on to cardboard and are very vibrant. I think they look amazing. Luke and I have decided that we are going to keep collecting them and put them in a massive frame, like a collage and hang it in our 'future gaming room'. Also its kinda reaffirmed that I wanna watch High School D X D. 

Dropping down a level, we have two Figures from One Punch Man  - We got an angry Saitama and Lord Borous. I was concerned for the figures, as I read some spoilers on line and people were saying that they looked quite cheap. However, upon arrival, I can confirm that they look decent. We haven't opened the box yet as Luke hasn't decided if he wants to so I will put a close up later on, if he does. 

Next to this we have a Kitty Phone Charm  in the description in the box, there was no clue which anime this guy is from - however on the poster it looks similar to the one from Konsuba. We all know that this is now mine, as anything remotely cute or animal like is mine ;)

And finally, we have a Manga (I am so excited that these boxes have Manga in them) and its a limited edition cover of the first volume of Konsuba.  I had heard the name but had yet to look it up. But it turns out that this story is gonna be right up my street. Its about a Gamer that dies and then is given a second chance at life by a goddess. 

There was also a massive Konsuba poster, but sadly it arrived slightly damaged, but I think I have been able to fix it! 

So for a first box, we were happy. 

I will be filming a video with all the items this week so you will be able to see the items a little bit closer! 

If you would like anymore info about Loot Anime, then leave a message below ;)

Thanks for Reading 



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