BEAUTY : Birchbox Mermaid Box! (Aug '17)

Hi all,

Time for this month's Birchbox! 

I have been really excited for this one - ever since they announced that the theme was Mermaid. 

The Box is beautiful, the gold really shines with the light. 

I'm definitely keeping it 

So this month's goodies are :

From Left to Right - 

Loc's One and Done Shadow stick in the shade - Out of your shell.  - Upon first impressions its ok. On my skin its a sparkling Silver colour. However, the lid is extremely hard to get off the tube. I was worried that I would damage the product. I will feedback more on this when I tested the device. Its a solid eyeshadow stick, which is something that I have never used before, so I am hoping for good things. 

Left and defo my favourite straight off is the Spectrum No 5 Brush from their Glam Clam collection - this was the choice this month. 

I chose this brush as everything about it screams me. Teal and purple are my favourite colours so I'm using this a tester... to see whether I want to get the whole collection. ITS SO SOFT... I couldn't stop running my hand over it and its animal friendly. So I think its safe to say. I'll be buying one of the collections. 

Kinda above the brush is Huygens LaCreme Supernature Face Cream  - I am curious about this product because it uses Rosewater. I have recently received an item from Marzia's most recent box that featured the same ingredient... so it will be good to compare them to each other. 

And finally... at first I was puzzled to recieve this type of item... but I will try anything once.... it's the Merci Love and Hand Cleansing Gel in Hello Sunshine -  The only way that I can describe the smell is that of pick and mix sweets. So its very pleasant. I have to admit that I am not a traditional anti bac in my bag kinda person but I will do my best to remember that its there... in my bag. 

So thats it for this month. I was very pleased as three months in and I'm not getting the same stuff over and over again.

I will be doing a MASSIVE review post next week so keep thy eyes peeled ;) 

If you want to know more about Birchbox or how it works, please leave a message below. 

Thanks for reading 



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