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Hello Everyone, 

I thought that I would write a post to talk about a couple of exciting things that are coming up in the next month. 

The first is that the Semi Annual Beauty Brawl is now also going to be in September, as well as the Summer and the Winter. I assume that if all goes well that in the future it will also be in the Spring.  

If you are unsure what I'm talking about.... Basically, a group of us Beauty Bloggers from around the world, get together for the duration of 10 days. 

We each take a certain type of product and we all review it on the same day. So for example - if the brief is for ail Varnish, we will all pick a nail varnish by different brands to review. 

There is a sample post you can check out on this link - Bronzer

We then all link our posts together, so if you read one blog, you can check out others that you wouldn't normally read. 

Its alot of prep and alot of work goes into it, but you end up making some friends along the way. 

If you are a Beauty Blogger and want to get involved - then drop a message below or get in contact on one of the below linked social media accounts :) 

The second thing, which is related, is that through these events there is now a community of Beauty bloggers that come together the hashtag #beautybrawl. 

There is a twitter page and Insta page and a group of us are going to help run it on certain days. There are chats at 7pm on a Tuesday and Friday, that anyone can get involved in. 

So if you have a spare five mins, please follow - if you use the hashtag, you will be retweeted. 

Its nice to see something start, build and grow and become more and more popular. 

When it gets closer to the time in September, I will provide a running order so you can find out which days are featuring what items.

Until then, thanks for reading 



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