BOOKS: The Red Queen by Phillipa Gregory

Hello Everyone, 

So I am happy to say that I have finished another book!

This book is the second  in the Cousins War Series following the White Queen

The story focuses on the second Woman of Power, Margaret Beaufort, later Stanley. 

She was a later ally of The White Queen Elizabeth Woodville and a very religious and serious woman. They are later related when their kids marry (its is spoiler if its history??)

In this tale (based on Real Events and Real people) we see Margaret go from a girl obsessed with being a nun, to the mother of the future King of England Henry V11. 

She has to move from France to move to Wales to become a young bride of the House of Tudor.

 She does her duty and gives birth to a son, but war is never far away. 

The story is set in one of the most troublesome and uncertain times in England's history. 

It the story of one girls struggle to keep hold of her son and her dedication to get him to the position of King of England. 

It takes a while to get going but as soon as Henry is in France, its all go go go. 

With an honorable mention to my home of Northampton (yay) its a great read. 

I'm trying to get hold of the rest of the series so I can keep going. 

I think the next one is Lady of the Rivers and the Kingmakers Daughter.... 

So yeah, well worth a read! 

Let me know what you think 





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