FOOD : Chunky Vegetable Soup

Hello Everyone, 

So its time for this weeks..... thing I cooked. 

So I decided that because the weather is so miserable this week that I would make something nice and hearty. 

We had alot of vegetables in the fridge that needed to be used up and the thought that my slow cooker was doing nothing in summer upset me. 

So bish, bash bosh, this idea was formed. 

I have to admit that I used a pack of vegetable from Aldi so it had cauliflower, broccoli and carrots all cut up in it. 

Although the chunks were a little too big so I cut them down a little more and added six potatoes. 

I precooked them a little in the slow cooker and then I added some Oxo stock cubes and boiling water. 

I used one stock cube to about 200 ml of water, so to fill my slow cooker, I ended up using about four. 

It was great though as the smell when it cooked throughout the day was beautiful. 

It tasted really nice and was exactly what I needed. Although Luke has argued that its more of a broth than a soup, but I'll leave that for you all to decide.

I decided not to blend it down as I like the chunks but I guess you could do that. 

So thats it for this week 

Thanks for reading, 





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