FOOD : Cookie Rocks!

Hello Everyone, 

So its time for another recipe. 

But for this one, I have kinda tweaked it to my own specifications. 

I've called this post Cookie Rocks... because I couldn't thing of something better to describe them. 

Cookie cakes? 

Basically, the reason that they are this shape is because I ran out of Baking paper and I didn't want to risk them sticking the tray so I used a bun tray and vegan butter to lace it instead.

I like to think of it as thinking on your feet. 

Because of this I used alot more dough on each rock that I normally would have. 

I made 12, so the overall dough would have probably made double that amount. 

The overall result is gooey cookie cakes that if you eat straight out of the oven... are heavenly.

Luke managed to make them disappear within a couple of hours and he has asked a few time if they are coming back which is nice! 

So on to the recipe -as I said I have tweaked it:

I used Dark Chocolate instead of Milk
and I used different sugars - Granulated and Muscavdo 

They also had a longer cooking time due to the size of them (use a sharp object or prodding device to check the centre of them) (And I kept them at the same temperature as is recommended. 

The Recipe is linked here : BBC Millie Cookies Recipe

I will defintely be making them again. 

Let me know what you think if you too make them! 

Thanks for reading 



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