FOOD : Madiera Cake with Chocolate Icing and Sprinkles!

Hello Everyone, 

Just a quick post to document my weekly baking target. 

So this week, I baked a nice Madeira Cake. 

It was simple enough and I found that I had a load of icing left over from the Cupcakes I made in Easter for the races. 

So basically I put both together and out popped the below. 

I'll admit, I was a little worried that the cake was rather dry, but I think that the rich chocolate icing kinda counterbalanced it without being too over powering. 

I purely added the sprinkles to jazz it up a little. 

Luke's overall verdict is that he loved it. 

In fact he kept sneaking little pieces of it., which is good. 

I always get uber paranoid that I spend time making something just for it to be crap.

 Plus Luke is so polite he won't tell me if its bad, he'll just eat it. 

So I will have to make it again I feel! 

Once I've practiced it a few times I will share the recipe as it wasn't perfect and some tweaking is required. 

So for now please enjoy these pictures! 

Thanks for reading 



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