FOOD : Vegan Pancake Recipe

Hello Everyone, 

So, as part of my new yearly goals, I mentioned that I wanted to bake and cook alot more. 

So, I thought to measure my progress, I would share some recipes and ideas on here. 

I'm always looking for new ideas for the blog so food is going feature alot more. 

So Yesterday, I got up early to make some pancakes before Luke went to work. 

I was a little worried about the recipe as I had never made pancakes without milk or eggs before. But this recipe was really good. The pancakes came out nice and thick but still tasted just as good. 

My one tip is that they cook really quickly so keep the pan on a medium heat. 

I used the recipe from and below are the results: 

I chose to serve mine with Sugar and Blueberries. Luke just had them as they were. 

It was a very simple and quick recipe - something that is ideal for the morning. 

I will definitely be making them again! 

So until the next recipe.... 

Thanks for reading



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Stephanie Jane said…
These look good! Did you need to oil the pan before putting the batter in?
Becky Russell said…

I used some Dairy free butter. But I think you can use oil :)

Stephanie Jane said…
Thank you! I'm thinking perfect lunch with scrambled tofu :-)
Becky Russell said…
Sounds good! Just make sure you keep them in a meduim heat. I lost a few to burning :(


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