GAMING : August Favourites

Hello Everyone, 

So its time to share with you, what I have been loving in August in regards to Gaming. 

I have to admit this game is an old favourite but with a new hat....

You'll get what I mean in a second.

My Favourite game for this Month is the Sims 4, more specifically City Living

Below is the trailer. 

This is the new version of the old favourites - Apartment Life and in some respects Showtime. 

Its the idea that your Sims move into a rubbish apartment and can earn their way to the top i.e a really flash apartment. 

I'll admit that Apartment life was always my favourite because in the Sims 2 it introduced the idea of magic and that always fun ;). I love Showtime because there was the idea that you could become a celeb - and you got alot of free stuff! 

But this expansion pack certainly holds it own and its got my excited about the Sims 4 again. I love some of the new design features - such as the half walls. 

I have the admit that previously, I regarded the Sims 4 as the weakest of the four.  It just didn't have that certain something that all the others did. 

It seemed to be very glitchy and basics were missing upon release - Dishwashers, toddlers and pools.

The introduction of moods was great however, it made everything a tad more complicated.
 Such as job promotions.

 You can be highly qualified but if you aren't feeling confident or inspired you'll struggle to reach the next level. It took me way too long to work out that you needed to enable the emotional auras of the paintings or decorations that you had jamming in your house. 

But all in all. I'm loving it at the moment. 

I also recently completed the Plant Sim challenge ( I think that it was over easter) so I have enough Plant Sim beans for a lifetime. 

All I want now is another World Adventures Type expansion. That is the main thing that keeps me going back to the Sims 3, that and Mermaids. 

Cos who doesn't want to be a mermaid?

 You can keep the vampires though, I really can't get on board with them. 

I'm off to go and Rosebud my life away. 



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