GAMING : Lego The Hobbit

Ello Everybody! 

So its time for a little Gaming review.

I tend to only write these if I have 100 percented a game, just because I like to see the whole picture rather than just part of it. 

So as part of my August Goals, I set myself the challenge of getting 100 percent on Lego the Hobbit and getting the platinum trophy. 

I managed to do it by the 20th so I was pleased as punch.

 I spent roughly two and a half days glued to the playstation and barely leaving the bedroom. 

I had some time to use of holiday so what better way than gaming? 

Sadly, I kinda feel like I might have wasted my time. 

Honestly. I hate writing a negative review, but this is by far the worst Lego game that I have ever played and I have played through most of them. 

There are a few reasons as to why I would advise against buying it:

1) Its glitchy beyond belief.

This is coming from someone that plays Fallout 4 and Skyrim regularly.... the game crashes and when its not crashing, it doesn't recognise the controls. There is the glitch that it doesn't jump correctly, it won't let you target something when you have the right character and you are standing in the right spot.... honestly the amount of times I googled something and it was a common search for that problem.... ergh

2) The story is incomplete. 

The battle of five armies is not on there. It was intended to be DLC, but it never came. There was so much more to give. I wanted to be Smaug fgs, he's the best thing about the whole game. Lego Dragon for life yo.

3) The game feels as though there is no heart 

Kinda feels rushed. The other Lego games that I have played feel as though they were made by fans. This feels as though they made it cos the films were out. Lego Lord of the Rings was a great game... this is poor in comparison. Please make Lego LOTR backwards compatible! 

4) It repeats quests and it feels never-ending in a bad way 

Honestly ffs. 

All in all, I would suggest not buying it. Its frustrating at best. It made me want to not buy another Lego game in the future. However its not a bad franchise, just a bad game. 

Actual converstation Luke and I had after :

Me : I got platters baby

Luke : Wanna go trade it in?

Me: I'd rather destroy it or burn it

Luke - Speechless- 

Thanks for reading 





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