GAMING : Loot Gaming's Booty Box

'Ello everyone. 

So the day that I had been awaiting finally arrived yesterday - I received my Loot Gaming box. 

It felt like it took an age to get here but I'm happy to say that it is worth it. 

I will get the moan out of the way first though. 

If you are ordering the box for the first time apparently it will take alot longer to get to you than normal. 

They give you the date range of 28 of the month you pay to the 10th of the following month. 

However mine arrived on the 14th... which doesn't sound long but the Anime box that we ordered on the same day,  again as a new customer,  arrived a good week before. 

Apparently its all down to international customer not being set up on the system... so I am hoping for better things with this months box. 

So below is what I got! 

The Theme was Booty

This is the box that made me sign up as  I love a couple of the games that were going to be featured - Crash Bandicoot, Uncharted and Assassins Creed - I have to admit I have never played Sea of Thieves. 

So Starting top Left  - I got a Sea of Thieves Beach Towel - when it is fully extended it is a red pirate flag. Luke and I are planning on going on Holiday in November so this will great to take to the beach with us. Its really fluffy too.

Next to this is  An Uncharted 4 Leather Pouch and inside is a little surprise. There is a replica metal Dubloon, almost identical to the one that Sam steals and slips into Elena's pocket at the end of the game. This is my favourite item as it feels as if it could be part of the game and its a keepsake that I know that I will treasure. 

Next to it on the bottom left is a figure of Edward Kenway from Assassins Creed Black Flag  - You can't really tell from the picture but its quite big. I can't decide whether to take it out of the box as its got a lovely design on it. Its beautifully painted. I know Luke has got his eye on it too....

Next on the right is the Monthly Gaming Pin - Its in the shape of a pirate coin and its really cool. Again, I think Lukes got his eye on it. I might let him have it as I have the actual coin ;). 

And Last but certainly not least - My other favorite item - A Crash Bandicoot T-Shirt. Its a dark blue and the design on it says Greetings from N Sanity Beach. I cannot wait to rock this. Crash is one of the first games, I remember playing as a kid so it always will have a special place in my heart! 

So thats it for this month. 

You can watch the below video to get a close up of all the items:

Let me know if you want any info on any of the boxes that I have featured this month!

Thanks for reading 





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