LIFESTYLE AND GAMING : August Goal Results

Hello Everyone,

So its time to give you a little update about my Monthly Goals for August!

If you recall they were :

1) I want to have a late summer clear out of my Clothes, Shoes and Bags

Completed:  I really found this goal to be a great exercise for my head. I ended up throwing two huge black bags worth of rubbish out. I also found out that I hold on to way too much, even if its broken. But now, my wardrobe is a blank slate! 

2) I want to try and 100 percent Lego the Hobbit. 

Completed :  I played the game for pretty much two and a half days straight and I will write a review on the game. But a little spoiler is that I really disliked the game. But I set the goal and I kept to it! 

3)  I want to cut and dye my hair. 

Completed :  So I did this and I have already written a post about it. But I had my hair cut and I dyed my hair rose gold. It was only semi permanent so I plan to redye it again next week. It was lovely to have so many people compliment me on the change so it has given me the confidence to do it again! 

I have also made a video about the goals, which you can check out below : 

Check the blog a little later in the week, to find out what I'm going to be working on for September! 

Thanks for Reading 



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