So its time to set some new goals for the new month ahead. 

So here goes : 

1) I want to write my Personal Statement for University. 

I am reapplying for University next year, and this is literally the last thing that I need to do before I send it off. I think if I put it in the goals, then I am more likely to do it! 

2) I want to have a good look at my finances and set up a plan - including Christmas

I always have a Pre Christmas assessment of all of the money that we don't seem to have and have wasted in the first part of the year aha. I have a few ideas of what I'm gonna do, so I will share them on here, if successful!

I'm hoping to include mortage savings, student finance and hopefully changing a few providers to make it cheaper for us both! 

3) I want to complete Lego Star wars to 100% on Xbox One. 

I've already completed it on story mode. So it is just getting the collectibles. I've spent so much time on the PlayStation that I have neglected my original love. Time to change that. 

As September is a long month. I have set another goal: 

4) I want to  have another run through on Uncharted 4. 

I want to try and gather some collectibles and start to collect the trophies one by one! But there is no pressure on it this time. 

So thats it for this month.... lets see how it goes. 

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