LIFESTYLE : August Favourites

Hello Everyone,

So its time to let you in on what I have been loving over the past month!

I'll start with my Favourite Movie. 

I haven't had that much time to sit down and watch movies, so I made sure that I did over this past weekend as in the UK we are celebrating a Bank Holiday. 

I sat down and finally watched the Blind Side, I seem to enjoy films that are are based on real life more than others. 

The story is that of Micheal Oher, the film starts with him as a teen. 

He is homeless, only has three pieces of clothing and is struggling at school. It heartbreaking to watch, he moves around places at night just trying to keep warm. He is told that his Dad is dead and his mother has been evicted so he has no idea where she is. 

He is given a place to stay by Leigh-Anne and they change each others lives. Mike discovers he is good at sport and the rest writes itself. 

I don't know much about American Football but the film does a good job of explaining it. 

The film is heartbreaking and it had me bubbling up as it went along:

I've never had one of these

What a room to yourself?

No, A bed. 

My Favourite TV show: 

This is a hard one as so much is coming back this month and next ; Victoria, Game of Thrones, The Great British Bake off, Celebrity Masterchef, Doctor Foster etc that I have so much to choose from. 

However, I have been binge watching Pretty Little Liars. 

I'm now on Series four so I have seen some pretty big reveals that have left me speechless. 

The A team? WTF. 

The original A? WTF

Luke even got into it. I know that because there are three more series to come that there is plenty more where that all came from. 

So heres the Series four recap. Obvs contains spoilers, but you get a idea as to where I'm at. 

Finally, my favourite music. 

Its actually a couple of playlists from the Ministry of Sound. 

I have apple music so I like to download different playlists for the gym to get me buzzed. 

They are : Dance Nation , Friday Feeling and Saturday Night. 

So if you have Apple Music, check them out :)

They always seem to hit the right note. Its a mix of the old and the new dance tracks and I think because I didn't put it together, its helped me to discover some new Djs and I don't know whats round the corner. 


As I write this Taylor Swift has just dropped the Video for Look What You Made Me Do. 

So I'm going to give that an honourable mention too as its already stuck in my head. 

I was always looking forward to her 'reply' to what went down last year. 

I don't trust nobody and nobody trusts me 

So thats it for August, 

I managed to get the post written before the end of the month haha.

Let me know what you have been enjoying! 



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