LIFESTYLE : August Goals

Hello everyone, 

It's time for some new goals. 

It's been a year this month since I starting doing them. 

I have settled on three. 

One Lifestyle, one Gaming and one Random. 

No more, no less.

 I think that three is the magic and achievable number and I won't get overwhelmed. 

So here we go

1) I want to have a late summer clear out of my Clothes, Shoes and Bags

I have filled two wardrobes full of clothes and what not.

 So its time to have a clear out. 

The last one I had was in May 2016, when we moved. Its time to do some admin again! 

2) I want to try and 100 percent Lego the Hobbit. 

Its my last Lego game on the Playstation to be done. I still have a couple on the Xbox one butttt its time to get this one done! 

This one seems a little bit more difficult. 

3)  I want to cut and dye my hair. 

I've wanted to do this for the longest time and its time to take the plunge. 

I am not set on colour yet. But I have a rough idea. 

So thats it for August. 

Lets see how it goes! 

Thanks for reading 



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