LIFESTYLE : Big Brother 17

Hello Everyone,

So I previously spoke about my love of reality television - On my Love Island review post and I recently finished another one. 

I lost alot of my last couple of weeks to Big Brother UK. I love it simply because underneath it all, it is still a social experiment. 

Its interesting to see how people interact and groups form and change throughout the 50 days. 

However, yes it does annoy me when people go on there for a shot at fame and I think that is something that majorly let this years version down. 

Half of the people on there had already had a shot on another reality TV show. I

 like watching normal people, if I am honest, people that really want to be there. Like Raph in this years version.... he just wanted to go on his favourite TV show. 

For those who haven't seen it 12 or so people are put into a house, shut off from the outside world.. they are controlled by Big Brother, who literally feeds them, controls them and in a way looks after them. 

I think the right person won this year, I'll have to admit at first Isabelle annoyed me when she got into a fight with Lotan and bought his son into the argument. 

But after that she chilled and became a lovely person, she went on the famous big brother journey. 

I'm not going to post any clips on here, because this years version was disgusting, there were so many fights and people sent home... I actually don't know why I watched it all the way through. 

But I am the kind of person that has to see something through once I started it.

I'll probably not watch it next year and I don't plan on watching the Celebrity version that has already started. 

But yeah, If I'm being honest. I doubt it will be on next year. 


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